Syntelly: AI for organic and medicinal chemistry

Syntelly is an Artificial Intelligence platform for the exploration of chemical space. We provide predictive models for the biological, physicochemical, toxicological properties of organic compounds. We have tools for reaction predictions, vizualization of chemical space and much more!

About Us

AI made a revolution in many technological areas. However, its performance in chemistry has not been fully revealed yet. Syntelly is going to close this gap. Syntelly is an AI platform for the exploration of chemical space that provides AI-based predictive models, visualisation schemes and much more!

Syntelly is a computational chemistry platform.

We are focused on modern machine learning approaches and share some state-of-the-art methods, developed by ourselves.

AI meets chemistry for everyone here!

About us


Explore and compare different molecules from the largest chemical databases.
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Predict the outcomes of a chemical reaction
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Explore the chemical space with our visualisation engine
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Analyze chemical, physical and biological properties of a molecule
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Extract molecules from scientific articles
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