Instant access to relevant and reliable scientific information related to chemistry: structures, literature, patents, experimental data
Searching for chemical information
Combined search terms through the query builder and the use of various filters, including document type, language, author and year of publication
Search for scientific articles, patents and other documents related to specific chemical compounds or inquiries
Literature Search
Searches can be filtered in three ways: exact match, substructure search, and similarity search
You can search for molecules with a graphical editor or search box using various identifiers (SMILES, IUPAC name, CAS number, trivial names and others)
Search by Structure
Structural data
All possible structure identifiers, including SMILES format representation, InChI, InChI key, IUPAC generated name, and gross formula and molecular weight
Links to external databases
Clickable links to external databases can be found in the molecule card
Intuitive interface
Continuous development on feedback. User-friendly user interface
Modern AI technologies
Applying recent advances in machine learning to analyze chemical data
Multifunctional ecosystem
Work with found data is available within the platform: analysis of compound properties, reaction predictions, spectra, and automatic recognition of molecular structures from PDF documents
Our advantages
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